Why work with me

If you’re a company looking for some new thinking around your marketing strategy and campaign execution – talk to me –  I can help.

I’m a seasoned, savvy and diligent marketing and communications specialist with over two decades of  experience developing strategies and implementing campaigns to engage business as well as consumer audiences.

I’ve worked with many industry types on the ‘buy’ side – as a marketing manager – and on the ‘sell’ side in agencies.   The industries include blue chip corporations such as BlueScope Steel, Optus, Citibank and Commonwealth bank to name a few.

The projects cover every facet of marketing from brand identity projects and marketing strategy to design projects for all kinds of collateral.  They cover just about every consumer touchpoint you can think of in the online and offline environment.

I’ve travelled from Sydney to New York and back to gain as much exposure to the latest marketing practices.

If you answer YES to any of these issues, I can help you.

Do you:

  • Need to reassess or develop a new marketing strategy for your organisation?
  • Need to outsource some individual projects to an experienced, freelance marketer when your team is under staffed or lacks experience in some areas?
  • Need a part-time marketing manager level resource on a short or long term basis?
  • Question the value for money of large agencies or don’t have the budgets you think you need to get experienced people to work on your projects?
  • Need to engage a full service agency and need someone to write briefs, identifying and engaging only the necessary resources?
  • Lack an experienced marketing communications specialist in your team and don’t have the budget for another FTE?
  • Have someone on maternity leave soon and need to outsource some or all of their projects without hiring a 5-day a week contractor?
  • Feel there may be some operational aspects to your marketing team that could do with a reassessment and refresh to develop greater efficiencies with cross functional teams and/or external marketing partners?
  • Feel it is becoming difficult to maintain a harmonious and cost effective relationship with external marketing parties and wish you could find someone to help identify how to make the relationship work more smoothly?


I would love to chat with you and see how I can help you.  Contact me:

0403 284 124