we are dedicated to making brands shine & businesses grow.

we combine strategy, marketing & management to solve the everyday challenges of growth and transformation in your business.  

For medium sized, (10-50 employees), professional service businesses, we create marketing strategies – that align with the sales process – to solve meaningful problems for your clients resulting in sales and lasting, mutually profitable relationships. We develop communications strategies so you can reach the right people, in the right places with the best message.

To help you differentiate your business in a competitive market, we work with you to identify – and articulate – your uniqueness and how you can add value to your ideal clients throughout the buyer journey from awareness to ‘conversion’.

We deliver great marketing outcomes for business owners who:

  • want to grow their business and understand it will take more significant marketing efforts (amongst other things) to increase the amount, and quality of their leads and how they convert them
  • are open to doing things in a new – more systemised, more planned approach
  • have experienced the hit and miss results – and waste of resources – applying ad-hoc, reactive, sporadic and disjointed activities
  • are ready to invest in more strategic marketing plans and tactics to be more effective

We specialise in business-to-business (B2B) programs for service providers in the following sectors:

  • residential and commercial construction – designers, architects, engineers, builders, plumbing suppliers
  • managed IT services
  • corporate sales training
  • corporate branding design

7 reasons to work with us

We are known for:

  1. taking a holistic overview to your marketing within the context of your business goals
  2. providing a solid rationale for the plan and the outcomes you can expect – qualitative and quantitative – based on results from other clients and our experience
  3. giving you more confidence to manage your marketing activities knowing there is a reason and a plan for everything you’re doing and every dollar being spent
  4. taking what sometimes can feel like an overwhelming list of to-dos – particularly with social media – into an agile framework that can be managed within the resources available and priorities at hand
  5. ensuring the marketing activity – ‘passes the baton’ effectively to the person handling the sales and business development process meaning the leads you get aren’t ‘wasted’
  6. being a service provider that constantly asks ‘what can I do for my client today’
  7. being enjoyable to work with!

growing your business with strategic marketing

We deliver a range of services from:

a) simple, tactical marketing activities to immediately address an issue to

b) building a solid marketing roadmap drawing on the latest, and most cost effective, lead generating, digital and content marketing strategies.

c) then we continually test to see what resonates with your target audience and build those insights into the next activity.

We help businesses build a solid, marketing foundation to:

  • understand exactly who are their best clients that marry with their current business model
  • take their service to market and engage effectively with their audience
  • have a clear brand strategy and positioning
  • have a marketing roadmap covering traditional and digital methods to take the business from point A to point B
  • be guided through execution and remain accountable to their plans. read more

clients say…

I love Gemma’s approach to marketing strategy… Her natural ‘no jargon’ ‘keep it simple’ explanations of the latest trends has been my life support. Working with her makes for a wonderful team combining CRM strategies with sales.


Gemma helped us translate our submissions into highly readable, compelling sales and marketing documents by working with us on our positioning and defining our unique selling proposition. We’ve significantly improved our conversion rates as a result.


…a strategic, deep thinker who can also roll up her sleeves to deliver the programs that generate revenue for her clients…


…Gemma has done so much for us from rebranding, developing a web strategy to getting us into content strategy and how to share this content across social and email marketing…I now really have clarity and a way forward to manage the marketing of the business…she truly is a Gem.


 see more