What I can do for you

Do you:

  • Need to reassess or develop a new marketing strategy for your organisation?
  • Need to outsource some individual projects to an experienced, freelance marketer when your team is under staffed or lacks experience in some areas?
  • Need a part-time marketing manager level resource on a short or long term basis?
  • Question the value for money of large agencies or don’t have the budgets you think you need to get experienced people to work on your projects?
  • Need to engage a full service agency and need someone to write briefs, identifying and engaging only the necessary resources?
  • Lack an experienced marketing communications specialist in your team and don’t have the budget for another FTE?
  • Have someone on maternity leave soon and need to outsource some or all of their projects without hiring a 5-day a week contractor?
  • Feel there may be some operational aspects to your marketing team that could do with a reassessment and refresh to develop greater efficiencies with cross functional teams and/or external marketing partners?
  • Feel it is becoming difficult to maintain a harmonious and cost effective relationship with external marketing parties and wish you could find someone to help identify how to make the relationship work more smoothly?

    I can help you. How do you take your coffee? Let’s have a chat.

I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a reply.

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